Guna Contemporary is an art project committed to promoting artists who reflect on and interrogate the essential issues of our future, including ecologies, artificial intelligences, anthropocentrism and new possible identities – material, virtual, scientific, historical, cultural and existential.

The mission of Guna Contemporary is to amplify the voices of these artists in order to further contribute to the collective search for new ways of thinking about both the world and ourselves. These new ways are needed to generate multiple subjectivities, capable of overcoming the attitudes of appropriation and oppression on which human systems are based, which are no longer sustainable, neither materially nor theoretically.

Guna Contemporary is based in London but embraces the concept of nomadism, organising both commercial pop-up galleries and istitutional exhibitions in global territories of cultural relevance.

The ability of art to rethink reality will not only be directed towards, but will also emerge from, specific contexts – historical, cultural and environmental.